Insights by Yosef --  Updates and Insights found in his book:

"Hebraic Insights - Messages exploring the Hebrew roots of Christianity"

Joe Brusherd’s career included roles as CPA, international consultant, and vice-president in multiple companies. But one day in 1977, Joe Brusherd fell to his knees and said “Jesus Christ, you are real! I need to learn more about you.” That was, is, and always will be his goal in life.

Since then he attended every Bible study possible, studied in several Bible colleges, and taught Sunday school classes in all churches of which he was a member. Joe led numerous men’s ministries and Bible studies and developed (1) an in-depth survey of the Old Testament (his favorite topic), (2) outlines of Parashot (weekly Torah studies), and (3) a course curriculum called “Our Hebraic Roots,” which became the introductory course in the yeshiva (school) in the messianic fellowship.

Although Joe was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church, he has ministered in many distinctly different denominations: Assemblies of God, International Assemblies of the First Born (licensed minister), Baptist, FourSquare, and Messianic fellowships. He started and led men’s ministries in three distinctly different denominations: Assemblies of God, Filipino Assemblies of the First Born, and a Messianic fellowship. A multi-denominational background provides Joe with unique perspectives and insights.

As president of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in California and Belgium, Joe lead large monthly dinner meetings and a continuous schedule of weekly breakfast or lunch meetings worldwide. He has listened to hundreds of brothers from California Belgium, Honduras, and the Philippines share their testimonies.

Joe started his career as a CPA and MBA. He traveled worldwide as an international consultant. Before retiring, Joe served as vice president of operations and chief financial officer in a variety of industries. He encourages everyone he meets to grow professionally, personally, and most of all, spiritually. He’s a missionary and evangelist at heart.

His first book, "Hebraic Insights - 95 messages exploring the Hebrew roots of Christianity" (April 2011) contained two years of weekly e-mails dealing with -- Scripture Treasures; Commandments from a Loving God; Customs of Biblical Times; Everlasting Feast Days; Marriage as God’s Plan; and Avoid Being Deceived.

“Biblical Marriage – His plan for Courtship, Engagement, Wedding and Marriage”  (May 2012) includes testimonies and teachings gleaned from life experiences and Hebraic studies. Initial distribution of the book went to family and friends which is a large group since fifty-two years of marriage resulted in six children, five in-law spouses, and sixteen grandchildren, all of whom know, love, and serve the Lord.

For the last three years, Joe has published weekly “Hebraic Musings” on a variety of topics, thus developing a wide range of followers delving deeper into God’s Word.

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Joe, a.k.a. Yosef, faithfully published a weekly series of e-mail messages entitled “Hebraic Insights” with inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit. In the last two years, the distribution has grown to over one hundred recipients, and these “Insights” are now the content of his book. He has since started another e-mail series referred to as “Hebraic Musings” which he makes available on request –