Insights by Yosef --  Updates and Insights found in his book:

"Hebraic Insights - Messages exploring the Hebrew roots of Christianity"

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Why should we study the Hebrew roots of Christian faith?

Jews traditionally have difficulty with Christians, and sometimes even more so with Messianics. Many traditional Christian fellowships are not comfortable with Jewish teachings and especially their emphasis on the Old Testament. Some Christians even think that the Old Testament no longer applies. So we find ourselves on the bridge between the two. Frankly, I encourage both Jews and Christians to join us on the bridge.

    Yosef wants all of us to grow in understanding what God intended for His children, “Jew and Gentile, One in Messiah” and to encourage the Church community to understand the richness of the Old Testament, the Torah, and the culture and customs of the people.  

“Joe Brusherd’s Hebrew insights truly are an amazing compilation of Torah, Christian teachings, and careful thought. Joe has a gift for making Messianic teaching real, applicable and in bite-sized pieces that everyone can enjoy! ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’ and that Hebrew insights are good for your spiritual health and well-being!”

—Rabbi Rod Meyers